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Water filter,
pre-filtration system Aqua Flow Duo

1 micron sedimentation filter Ultrafiltration + fiber with activated carbon and silver ions

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Highest quality of pre-filtration.

The Aqua Flow Duo pre-filtration device has been specifically designed for water-operated devices to improve the quality of drinking water. It offers versatile applications as it can be used as pre-filtration for water dispensers, coffee machines, refrigerators with ice makers, and similar devices. Due to its compact dimensions, the Aqua Flow Duo can be easily installed in places where space is limited, providing a significant advantage.

The Aqua Flow Duo consists of two cartridges: a sedimentation filtration cartridge that successfully removes mechanical impurities larger than 1 micron, and a double module containing activated carbon with silver ions and an ultrafiltration membrane. This combination ensures thorough cleaning of the water, filtering out not only larger particles but also contaminants up to a size of 0.1 micron. The activated carbon also improves the taste, odor, and color of the water.

Through this careful pre-filtration, you can be sure that the water entering various household appliances has a significantly higher quality than the water normally supplied. The Aqua Flow Duo comes with a complete installation kit, including a 3/8-inch valve and water hoses. With our configurator, you can additionally add a faucet or other accessories.

Technical Specifications:

Filter Media: 1 x Sediment Filter 1 Micron, 1 x Ultrafiltration + Fiber with Activated Carbon and Silver Ions
Dimensions Aqua Flow Duo (HxWxD): 338 x 195 x 75 mm
Scope of Delivery: 1x Aqua Flow Duo, Mounting Kit, Installation Manual

For further information, please download the attached datasheet.