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Water Filter Aqua E-Single

5 Micron Activated carbon 1 micron Ultrafiltration + Fibre with activated carbon and silver ions Reverse osmosis Water remineralisation Water energising

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  • The filter removes up to 99.9 %
    of harmful substances

    Filtration removes viruses, bacteria, pesticides, microplastics, heavy metals and other substances

  • up to

    Clean water guaranteed

    Our machines guarantee up to 25,000 litres of clean water per year.

  • Engineered in Germany

Sedimentation filter 5 Micron
this filter removes sediment from water
such as rust, carbon dust, silt, clay and sand grains
Carbon filter
absorbs organic compounds
effectively reduces the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine and improves the colour of the water
Sedimentation filter 1 Micron
removes mechanical contaminants even more effectively
increases the lifetime of the filter machine
removes harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, germs and other impurities
at the end of the treatment, zeolite and shungite stones purify and structure the water.
reverse osmosis
removes up to 99.9 % of remaining impurities
pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, microplastics, hormones and drug residues, not forgetting all bacteria and viruses
once again, the water is treated with water-enriching minerals
including magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium.
brings vitality to water
thanks to the energy contained in the stones.