Starter kit

Amethyst, Mountain Crystal, Shungite

You want to try out the healing power of stones, but you are not sure which set to choose? This set of stones is perfect to start your adventure with water energising! It will provide water with beneficial health qualities and will improve its energetic content. See for yourself how powerful the stones are!


Amethyst, Mountain Crystal, Tourmaline, Shungite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Jasper, Agate, Selenite

A carefully selected set of minerals with strong healing vibrations. It enriches with positive energy, supports the proper functioning of the body, supporting mental and physical health. Health is undoubtedly the most precious gift - empower your water with additional healing properties!


Mountain Crystal, Shungite, Carnelian

Need an extra boost of vitality? This set of stones will give it to you! The stones contained in it encourage positive thinking and give you the strength to work! Try out the power of the stones and feel the difference!

General well-being

Amethyst, Mountain Crystal, Shungite, Carnelian

A set of minerals that supports well-being, boosts self-confidence and relieves anxiety. The minerals in it remove accumulated bad energy and have strengthening and rebalancing effects.


Amethyst, Mountain Crystal, Shungite, Fluorite

Empower your mind with the power of stones! This set of stones promotes concentration and focus. It improves memory, enhances concentration and supports the ability to learn effectively.

Harmony and protection

Amethyst, Mountain Crystal, Shungite, Sodalite

Do you feel that you need protection from negative energy? Trust in the ancient power of stones! The minerals we select block negative energy from the outside and even have the ability to transform bad energy into the positive one!


Amethyst, Mountain Crystal, Schungite, Pink quartz, Garnet

Love is what is missing in your life? Do you want to attract a partner, rekindle feelings in your relationship or eventually, truly love yourself? Our carefully selected set of love stones will help you!

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