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Drink water
with pleasure.

About DreamFilters


DreamFilters goal is to develop solutions so that everyone can have access to crystal clear water, with the greatest possible respect for the planet. 

We want to contribute to the change of the world for the better: get rid of environmentally harmful plastic bottles and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our features are:

passion – we believe that the technologies we develop will contribute to the improvement of both human health and the well-being of our planet

care for the environment – we use ecological solutions. We focus on saving water and reducing the amount of plastic waste generated

development – we are constantly improving our products and looking for ever more innovative solutions


Purely and simply advantages…

Invest in your own health

Pure water keeps your brain fit, stimulates digestion, helps you lose weight, purifies and detoxifies your body, gives you fresh energy during sports, keeps your joints elastic, regulates your body temperature, reduces the risk of certain diseases and is a true lifesaver for us humans.

Smart System

Monitors and stores information on the amount of water filtered. It measures and displays the amount of water produced in real-time on an ongoing basis, and indicates the date of the next maintenance appointment. Smart system initiates Push Notification.

Push notification & SMS
smart notifications system

An intelligent notification system will inform you, at the right moments, about all important aspects related to the filtration process by displaying messages on the machine screen. Optionally, you can add the option of SMS notification, so that the system will send a text message to your phone.

DirectFlow Plus

The technology thanks to which we receive an unlimited amount of filtered osmotic water without waiting.

System Adapt
possibility to connect the filtration system to household appliances

A function located in the controller/touchpad settings allows us to integrate household appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine …

chemical-free multi-stage filtration

The guarantee of pristine water thanks to a multi-stage filtration system, without the use of chemicals. DreamFilters systems remove up to 99,99% of all impurities from water.

water saving

DreamFilters filtration systems are characterised by a high water saving factor of up to 74% compared to other reverse osmosis filters on the market.

up to 25 000 l of crystal clear water

The guaranteed annual amount of clean water using one set of filters is 15,000 or 25,000 litres depending on the DreamFilters model.


The filter removes up to 99.9 % of harmful substances

Filtration removes viruses, bacteria, pesticides, microplastics, heavy metals and other substances

cent / 1 liter

Cost savings

No more buying expensive drinking water! Thanks to Dreamfilters systems, 1 litre of crystal clear water costs only 0.3 cents!

Pure water guaranteed

Our machines guarantee up to 25,000 litres of clean water per year.

Engineered in Germany

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