Stainless steel three-way faucet.

Made of high-quality stainless steel with a satin finish, allows you to connect cold, hot and filtered water.

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Stainless steel faucet for RO water systems

The spout is made of high-quality stainless steel because we want to be sure that consumers receive clean and healthy water.

DreamFilters spout does not contain lead and nickel and, in comparison with traditional brass taps, does not release these toxic substances into the water. The high-purity stainless steel spout is characterised by excellent hygienic properties, exceptional mechanical resistance and long service life.

The DreamFilters Three-Way Faucet allows you to use warm, cold and filtered water, so you don’t have to install a second tap.

The faucet has a 360° swivel spout, which makes it easy to direct the flow of water in the desired direction, and the built-in water swirling system will take care of additional revitalisation. The satin look will suit any kitchen perfectly.

Technical specifications:

– Material: Stainless steel, class 316L,
– BPA Free,
– 3in1 so hot, cold and filtered water in one faucet,
– Swivel spout 360°,
– Spout reach: 233 mm,
– Double-circuit faucet,
– Built-in system of water revitalization through centrifugation,
– Water adapter: 3/8″ (hot and cold), 7/16UNS (clean water),
– Total height: 362.5 mm,
– Spout height from countertop: 224.5 mm,
– Pedestal diameter: 52 mm,
– The faucet stem is fitted with a 75 mm external thread so that it fits into every thickness of countertop used.
– Installation of the three-way faucet (Duration 30 min.)
– Tools necessary for installation:
– Drill-driver,
-32 mm hole saw,

* To make the installation even easier, we have created a 3D tutorial for you, which you can find under this link:
DreamFilters three way faucet installation