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PearlMax 5 Water dispenser

chilled carbonated medium carbonated still table water

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PearlMax 5 is a high-performance,
free-standing water dispenser that delivers chilled still, medium or sparkling water.

The water dispenser is designed for all small and medium-sized businesses. It is ideal for offices, restaurants, hotels and fitness centers. This model’s capacity is rated for up to 100 people, which means you’ll likely never have to wait for chilled sparkling water.

High-quality equipment guarantees hygienic water intake thanks to a nano-coated spout. The housing of this device is made of stainless steel with a satin look, finished with a black mirror plate that blends perfectly into any room design.

Of course, you have the option of using a suitable base cabinet for storing other required components, such as e.g. B. a CO2 bottle.

*Great to know: The PearlMax 5 is compatible with the Aqua Business water filter, which means that the machine can be supplied with crystal-clear water. The PearlMax 5 can also be operated with tap water, but we strongly advise against this option. We believe that drinking water only makes sense if the water is properly treated and also protects the components of the water dispenser, which prolongs the life of the system.

Thanks to this solution you can enjoy clean, healthy, chilled and sparkling water!


Technical specifications:
PearlMax 5 dimensions (HxWxD): 443 x 327 x 537 mm
Base cabinet dimensions (HxWxD): 910 x 410 x 581 mm
Manufacturer: Cornelius
Soda water for 50 to 100 people

For more information, please download the attached data sheet.