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PearlMini Water dispenser, sparkling water

chilled carbonated medium carbonated still table water

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PearlMini is a high-performance,
water dispenser that delivers chilled still,
medium or sparkling water.

Discover a convenient and cost-saving solution for your drinking water! Say goodbye to the hassle of shopping, carrying, and storing heavy water bottles. Our tabletop water system offers you fresh, chilled drinking water in still or sparkling variants – and with an impressive capacity of up to 20 liters per hour. Enjoy the freedom and convenience provided by our innovative technology. Not only will you save valuable time, but also precious space in your home or office. And the best part? You’ll also save money, as you won’t need to buy expensive water bottles anymore. Treat yourself to the luxury of clean and refreshing water directly from your tabletop water system!

The PearlMini device is made of high-quality components and seamlessly blends into any space with its appealing design. The PearlMini is a tabletop device and does not require under-counter installation.

*Good to know: The PearlMini is compatible with the Aqua Business water filter, allowing the device to be supplied with crystal-clear water. The PearlMini can also be operated with tap water, but we strongly advise against this option. We believe that drinking water only makes sense when it is properly treated and also protects the components of the water dispenser, thereby extending the system’s lifespan. 

Thanks to this solution, you can enjoy clean, healthy, chilled, and sparkling water!

Technical specifications:

Soda water for 10 to 25 people
Dimensions PearlMini (HxWxD): 408 x 265 x 560 mm
Cooling capacity: 20 liters/hour at a delta T of 6 °C
Dispensing capacity: 120 L/h
Noise level: approximately 47dba
Manufacturer: Cornelius

For more information, please download the attached data sheet.