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Descaling systems IMPULS ECO 25 up to 1″ / 25mm

No salt or chemicals required Low operational costs Easy assembly Maintenance free Eco-friendly


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  • In houses or flats

    Don’t worry about the lime problem in your home anymore. Install the IMPULS generator, which works on all types of pipes, connect it to the power supply and ... done. From now on, your pipes and your household appliances will be safe and clean. No more limescale and corrosion problems.

  • For companies of all industries

    It is impossible to enumerate the number of different applications for the IMPULS decalcifiers. Owners of restaurants, hotels, bars, laundries, beauty salons, dentists, etc. save drastic costs by avoiding the purchase of salt and chemicals and protecting their appliances from damage caused by hard water.

  • In agriculture

    The system is appreciated by farmers who use drip irrigation systems for their crops in particular. Our equipment protects against damage and failure of crop irrigation.

  • In industry

    Water installation systems consist of various materials and components such as delivery pumps, valves, flow sensors and pressure gauges. We have the most powerful generators in Europe to protect installations and expensive indoor equipment from calcification caused by hard water. In many cases, this can be combined with water treatment technology to create technologically ideal solutions.

Install the IMPULS-Genarator, which works on all types of pipes.

You do not need to hire a specialist for the installation, as intervention in the pipework is not required.

Thanks to Europe's powerful generators, we install our systems on pipes up to 3 metres in diameter!

Effective protection of household appliances and heating installations against
limescale and corrosion.

It protects heating systems and increases their efficiency.

You only need 20 cm for assembly.

The space required on the pipe for installation is only 200 mm. Note that standard softening systems require much more space.

The system is maintenance-free and extremely economical. The operating costs for single-family homes will not exceed
20 euros per year.

In addition, the system
protects against premature wear of household appliances,
increased consumption of cleaning agents and the need
to use aggressive chemicals.